Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My life is @#$%!?

When you have nobody, and the one you depend on is just your bf. And guess what ? he keeps ignoring you. That guy was mine.. Yap.. My bf.. What a fucking shit day ! I was the unluckiest girl ever in this world.. My parents especially my dad pretending like he cares about me but, not at all ! And also my bf.. He keeps saying "i love you" but, i didnt see where's the word of love in my life.. Bila aku marah.. Dia just reply "erm" and i just like fine.. Im not import to his life.. Even, kalau aku mati pun. Trust me, he wont cry.. I bet, he wont.. Dengan cara dia macam ni.. Dah boleh ramal what will happen in future.. Its okay lah.. Aku takkan paksa orang untuk sayang aku.. Sorang² dalam life aku menyetan.. Kawan baik, family and now my bf.. Actually, siapa je ada untuk aku ? Takde siapa.. Orang cuma cari aku bila bosan je.. Aku perasan sangat..

Designed by: Nadhirah Khadir (NK)